It's time to collectively rethink inflation.

The Federal Reserve has been kicking the can down the road by incessantly printing dollars. Housing and used car prices have shot up at alarming levels. Meanwhile, the administration maintains there is nothing to worry about. Smell something fishy?

We are on a mission to question the government’s stronghold over the inflation reporting process by creating a community driven inflation dashboard that is transparent, censorship-resistant and flexible.

Not just a pretty dashboard

When it comes to a crucial economic figure like inflation, the devil is in the details. We have identified issues ranging from data sourcing all the way to basket construction and weighting that need addressing.

We want it done the right way by engaging a community. Users would be able to provide price data and participate in a robust governance model, ensuring a thriving community delivering a solid product.

All data sources would be backed up on Arweave and hash of the associated data delivered on Ethereum. Upload sample data to see for yourself.